Jo – Preface                                                  

Shôninki Jo deals with a systemization of different methods of spying, a historical outline of Ninjutsu and principles of the Kishûryû.

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Chûkan – Second Scroll

Shôninki Chûkan explains more advanced concepts of self-preservation for covert activities and methods for understanding peoples minds in order to collect accurate information.
Shokan – First Scroll                                                  

Shôninki Shokan explains how to prepare
for covert activities, shows a multitude of 
strategies when in foreign territory 
and how to collaborate with others to achieve certain objectives.Content_Shokan.html
Gekan – Third Scroll

Shôninki Gekan pursues the thread to comprehensively explain the core secrets of Kishûryû Ninjutsu.Content_Gekan.html

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