Chûkan – Second Scroll

The lesson of the course of heaven and earth

Shôninki explains in this advanced chapter how to transform natural phenomenon into a stratagem or how to use natural phenomenon for your own purposes.

Access to high or low "places"

It is possible to solve difficult or impossible tasks with the right tools. This chapter explains such moments in detail.

Expanding the angle of vision when spying

In tricky situations, it is nearly impossible to see the big picture. This chapter explains how you can expand your angle of vision in order to achieve the broad vision again that enables you to eventually accomplish any goal.

Protection from the opponent

Teachings that allow you to take appropriate precautions against dangerous situations.

Secret lessons of protection against enemy agents

Advanced spiritual teachings in dangerous or life-threatening situations.

How to use the shadow of a tree

Advanced method that allows you to spontaneously use any possibility to stay in enemy territory at all costs.

Leaving false clues

Advanced method to distract any doubts about your identity.

Discovering people's true intentions

Mental state for obtaining true information.

Recognising a person's character

This big chapter reveals a state-of-the-art scientific method of 17th century Japan to recognize a person‘s character or to judge the behavior.

Third Scroll - Gekan - Copyright 2014

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