Gekan – Third Scroll

The core secrets

Introduction into the most profound teachings of the Kishûryû.

Gateless barrier

This principle explains according to an important Buddhist principle how to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant matters.

The practice of not breaking people

Principle for attaining the mental flexibility to resolve any issue.

Emotions of the heart

Chapter for getting the awareness that everyone holds the whole universe in his heart.

Essential difference between principle and knowledge

Being spontaneously capable of seeing through truth and falsehood.

Controlling one’s heart and touching the principle

Principle for getting the mental strength of a shinobi (ninja).

Free form of conversation

Principle for maintaining the proper attitude to life in any situation.

The art of separating

The most inner secrets of Kishûryû.


Watanabe Rokurôsaemon wraps in his final quotes the text up. - Copyright 2014

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