Shôninki (1681) is a historical testimony written by Natori Masazumi, an authentic Japanese samurai and ninja of the Kishû province. His text bears witness to the famous warriors’s strategy and philosophy and was used as manual by warrior clans in the Kishû province. Later, Shôninki provided the basic knowledge that helped the Shoguns select and educate skillful ninja warriors for special assignments or services (oniwaban etc). The information contained in Shôninki offers many unique historical insights. 

Even though the continent’s Chineses strategy classics constitute Shôninki’s main source, over the centuries many famous warrior traditions, e.g. the Minamoto or Kusunoki clan traditions, put a stamp on Japanese strategy as well. The various influences on Natori Masazumi’s four scrolls are analyzed in detail in this book.

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Kishû province (Source: Wikipedia)

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