Shokan – First Scroll

Before departing for covert activities

Shôninki explains four different concepts before departing for covert missions. This includes choosing the right tools, the right idendity and the appropriate counter measures when in doubt.


Unknown mountain paths

Mountain areas were places in olden Japan where ghosts and demons resided. Therefore normal people wouldn‘t go there. A shinobi (ninja) however had to be acquainted with such areas and their nature.

Roads at night

In nighttime people‘s behavior is different than in daytime. In medieval Japan this was not different. This chapter explains how a shinobi appropriately adapts to this situation.

Entering the enemy’s house

Since a core task for shinobi was to gather information, this chapter deals with this topic in detail and how to implement it in reality.

The study of foxes and wolves

Foxes and wolves both had extraordinary secret skills which are adapted into this stratagem and used to resolve difficult tasks.

The lore of cows and horses

Even the use of livestock (animals) could be transformed into a stratagem and applied strategically when necessary.

Obtaining information in temples and shrines

In medieval Japan certain places were especially crowded with people. These locations had to be assessed and used well to obtain useful information.

A discussion of disguises

Disguise done badly is nothing but a joke. Therefore this chapter explains in detail a proper transformation.

Infiltrating troops

Infiltrating military forces is a risky and delicate matter, this chapter deals with that task.

Thoughts on waterfowl

Another stratagem that is inspired by an animal in order to use water and its characteristics efficiently.

The right time for infiltration

A vital aspect of every activity lies in the right timing. Shôninki explains either fix defined or dynamic stratagems.

The lesson of quadrupeds

Pets belonged to Japanese medieval society like today and therefore, this chapter explains how to deal with that phenoma.

Two shinobi working together

Even though shinobi worked alone most of the time, this chapter shows that certain tasks were optimally resolved in pair.

Three shinobi working together

Just like the chapter before this chapter this chapter shows that certain tasks were optimally handled in sets of three.

Second Scroll - Chûkan - Copyright 2014

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